My Art Gallery by David Burbidge

In 2003 I began studies in watercolor painting which helped me prepare my portfolio for AA Level Art, which I completed in 2006. Subsequently, my studies progressed to Wolverhampton University, graduating with a Fine Art Honours Degree in 2015. 

My art practice concentrates on natural beauty in real life, which consists of landscapes, portraits, and real or life drawings. I try to capture the natural beauty of the landscape for the time and place, displaying the character and emotion of the essence of the personality by drawing or painting them in real-life contexts, or I paint and draw from photographs of the sitter.

Commissions can be drawn or photographed in the comfort of your own home, where there is an ideal setting for the subject, or a sitting can be accommodated in my studio. Some of my artworks are not for sale but prints are available. Artworks can be applied to greeting cards on request. While assisting my artistry, I accept donations in the form of specific art tools which primarily enable me to make gifts for charity, such as toys and household items.